November 19, 2009

Lebron James: Cleveland Browns Bound? (VIDEO)

After controversial comments from Lebron James, Cleveland Browns fans are hoping he'll suit up and others are telling King James to stay on the sidelines, after his boasts that he thinks he could play in the NFL.

After watching the admittedly woeful Cleveland Browns disgrace his current hometown on Monday Night football, Lebron James (who was a star wide receiver in high school) said he'd be "really good" in the NFL and joked about joining the Browns to help out with this disastrous season. The Browns coah actually welcomed the offer and played along with the joke, asking him to please join in.

But others, especially the ever outspoken (to put it kindly, perhaps) Jeremy Shockey, felt Lebron James and the Browns were making a mockery of the sport, and King James should put a sock in it. For Shockey's full quotes and more detail, see the link below. Seems to me this was all in good fun, and though Lebron's such a natural athlete I wouldn't bet against him, he surely knows he's better off staying on the NBA hardwood.

Lebron James: Cleveland Browns Bound? (VIDEO)

LeBron James, NFL player. Just a fantasy, says New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey. The Cavaliers' All-Star forward caused a stir this week by saying he could be "really good" if he committed himself to playing football. The remarks set off debate about James' football talents and prompted Browns coach Eric Mangini to joke that James should "come on down" and help his 1-8 team. Cleveland nose tackle Shaun Rogers initially sacked James' belief. Now Shockey has piled on....

Lebron James: Cleveland Browns Bound? (VIDEO)

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