November 9, 2009

Life Without Parole, Juvenile (VIDEO)

This week the Supreme Court will hear a crucial case about whether the sentence of life without parole juvenile suspects face is an excessive punishment.

The legal case being reviewed involves two convicted criminals in Florida, who are serving life without parole for crimes they committed as children. Many believe this is excessive, and anyone who was a child when they committed their crimes should have some chance to be rehabilitated, no matter how bad the crime they committed. Ta Nehisi Coates says: ... In the juvenile death penalty case Judge Kennedy said that even the most heinous crime isn't evidence of a child that cannot be rehabilitated....

But others say justice must be served no matter what, and defense attorneys shouldn't be able to get someone off the hook just because of their age. This juvenile life without parole case will be a crucial test of the new Supreme Court, and a measure of where they stand on social issues in our legal system.

Life Without Parole, Juvenile (VIDEO)
miami herald

Lawyers for two Florida men who were sentenced to life without parole as juveniles will argue to the U.S. Supreme Court Monday that the penalty is cruel and unusual...On Monday, the lawyers for two Florida men who, as juveniles, were sentenced to life without parole for nonhomicides will ask the nation's highest court to declare the practice of incarcerating juveniles for the rest of their lives cruel and unusual, as well...

Life Without Parole, Juvenile (VIDEO)

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