November 18, 2009

Mickey Mouse Turns 81 (VIDEO)

A happy birthday for the original cartoon movie star, as Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse turns 81.

The world's first superstar mouse, originally known as Steamboat Willie, was born in 1928, and went on to star in movies and TV specials that continue to sell tons of Walt Disney DVDs, as well as myriad other Disney toys and merchandise, and of course countless tickets to Disney Land and Disney World on family vacations. Perhaps Mickey Mouse's finest moment was when he reached the level of High Art in his "Night on Bald Mountain" segment in Fantasia. Here's to 81 more, Mickey!

Mickey Mouse Turns 81

Mickey Mouse birthday celebrations are today as this famous cartoon mouse turns 81. The Mickey Mouse birthday marks when he was created in 1928. Mickey Mouse is an icon for the Walt Disney Company and the head of the Mickey Mouse Club with famous alumni such as Annette Funicello and Britney Spears. Mickey celebrates his birth on November 18, 1928 with the release of Steamboat Willie...

Mickey Mouse Turns 81

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