November 23, 2009

National Retail Federation: Crowd Control, Black Friday Guidelines

A year after a tragic death in a Walmart, the big Black Friday sales are back around. And this time, the National Retail Federation has new guidelines for crowd control on Black Friday.

The Federation is urging stores to have dress rehearsals with employees before the big sale day, so they'll be ready for all the holiday sale bargain hunting, and offered many other suggestions. Their rep said ""Retailers are very much trying to make themselves stand out in an environment like this," but "retailers need to understand that many of these sales and promotional periods might draw customers who are more insistent about getting a good deal." Hopefully we will help them out as well and have a year of safe shopping! All the best presents mean nothing if we don't have each other around to give them to.

National Retail Federation: Crowd control, Black Friday Guidelines

This year the National Retail Federation created a comprehensive set of guidelines for crowd control at stores. The guidelines note that special markdowns and historically low discounts have led to larger crowds...Aggressive shoppers are common the day after Thanksgiving. So crowd control plans, which vary by retailer, are especially important now, given the economy. Newly frugal consumers want more for less, and stores plan to drum up sales with stunning deals...

National Retail Federation: Crowd control, Black Friday Guidelines

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