November 27, 2009

NBA Referees, 13: Betting Scandal

According to the partner of infamously crooked NBA referee Tim Donaghy, he wasn't the only dirty ref in the league. In fact, there were 13 referees tied in to the NBA betting scandal.

When NBA referee Tim Donaghy was busted, the NBA insisted he was the only ref involved in betting on games. But now his partner in crime is saying there were no less than 13 refs participating in the gambling ring, with a team of 5 especially reliable for fixing the NBA games and ensuring a winning bet. The partner is writing tell-all book, and saving the full story for that, but it sounds like the NBA will be none too happy when the rest of his story is revealed. For more of the story see below:

NBA Referees, 13: Betting Scandal

Tim Donaghy's partner, gambling ringleader Jimmy "The Sheep" Battista, says he was working with 13 referees and not just Donaghy, as the NBA has claimed. The source says Battista showed him what the gambler claims are phone records and game notes confirming the names of all 13 referees involved. The source also tells 7Sports that Battista claimed to have a "Big 5" of "dependable" referees and that Donaghy was the "King," delivering a winning bet in 78 percent of the games he officiated...

NBA Referees, 13: Betting Scandal

Posted at November 27, 2009 3:28 AM

the NBA thug image is running down to the refs

Posted by: JOE at November 27, 2009 11:56 AM

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