November 13, 2009

Newsweek Oprah Menopause Article (VIDEO)

One of the most embarrassing episodes of Oprah's career came just recently, when she had Suzanne Somers as a guest on her show, and seemed to endorse Somers' rather dubious advice on how women should treat menopause. A scathing critique appeared later in Newsweek, and the Newsweek Oprah menopause article was perhaps the harshest and most damaging criticism Oprah has faced, with the magazine claiming her faulty women's health advice was putting her viewers in danger.

Countless doctors and medical experts expressed outrage and shock and Oprah's biased and distorted, in their view, coverage of this issue, on which she and Somers promoted giving women hormone therapy in much higher doses than doctor would recommend, to counteract menopause and help women stay youthful. You can see the link below for much more detail in newsweek, and video of the controversial Oprah episode.

Newsweek Oprah Menopause Article
news week

The resulting spectacle disappointed many doctors who thought Winfrey had higher standards for the quality of medical information she dispersed--or, at least, more of a commitment to balance. Some said they were particularly upset because doctors had complained to Winfrey's production company about what they saw as misinformation disseminated during the show she did on hormone therapy two weeks before that featured Dr. Phil McGraw's wife, Robin...

Newsweek Oprah Menopause Article

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