November 4, 2009

Obama Introduces Health Care Reform in 2010 Budget

Another of the most pivotal moments in Obama's term so far was the moment when Obama introduced health care reform in the 2010 budget.

This move to emphasize health care reform was doubted by some, who felt it was premature with such economic hardship still left to be dealt with, but the issue of health care has been many politico's passion for decades, including of course the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, so it may have been inevitable that the season of Ted's passing would be when a President finally makes a strong push to bring proper health care to all Americans. It remains to be seen how well it will work out, but I believe that once Obama gets something (anything) passed, it will be remembered as a victory for him despite all the turmoil that has led up to the final vote.

Obama Introduces Health Care Reform in 2010 Budget

The budget for fiscal year 2010 includes substantial investments in health care reform, renewable energy and education. The budget also includes big cuts for some programs, setting the stage for major political battles as political patrons fight to save budget items in the months ahead...

Obama Introduces Health Care Reform in 2010 Budget

Posted at November 4, 2009 3:29 AM

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