November 24, 2009

Paula Deen Ham Attack! (VIDEO)

Paula Deen is known for inventing unknown foods like Deep Fried Butter, but now she may also be known for introducing the world to Deadly Flying Ham, after a rough little accident in Atlanta.

The Paula Deen ham incident, which actually wasn't very funny and looked painful, has spread around the internet showing an accident at a charity food event in Atlanta, where Paula Deen was donating food to a local charity. In a stunt for the cameras people were throwing the frozen ham over to be put in a big freezer, but but TV cooking show star Paula Deen didn't see the ham coming and it hit her square in the face. The chef, known for her delicious southern recipes, walked off holding her nose, but hopefully wasn't hurt seriously.

Critics of Paula Deen's fattening recipes, bound to cause heart problems and health issues, might say this Paula Deen ham attack was a case of dietary karma. But I think she seems like a nice geniune person, and doesn't really deserve to be mocked for this accident at an event where she was trying to do good for hungry people.

Paula Deen Ham Attack! monstersandcritics

Popular TV Chef Paula Deen caught a flying ham right in the face. Proving that no good deed seemingly goes unpunished, Ms. Deen was gamely helping the less fortunate in a charity food drive, when the holiday recipe in projectile form caught her unaware...

Paula Deen Ham Attack!

Posted at November 24, 2009 4:21 AM

Well, look at the bright side - maybe she'll be inspired to cook yummy,delicious new recipes. Don't get me wrong though, I imagine that was painful and I do feel sorry for her.

Posted by: Britni at November 24, 2009 3:06 PM

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