November 20, 2009

Pneumonia and Diarrhea: Child Killers

To the average American, they may not sound so serious. But worldwide, Pneumonia and Diarrhea are child killers more deadly than any other disease. How can we help stop this?

ACcording to UNICEF these common diseases don't get enough attention form charities and aid workers, who are caught up in preventing higher profile diseases like AIDS. SO many in the international medical community are calling for a change in priorities, so the vaccines that could greatly reduce these deaths are distributed where they are most needed. Here's hoping that message is heard! Click below for more info.

Pneumonia and Diarrhea: Child Killers

Diarrhea doesn't make headlines. Nor does pneumonia. AIDS and malaria tend to get most of the attention. Yet even though cheap tools could prevent and cure both diseases, they kill an estimated 3.5 million kids under 5 each a year globally -- more than HIV and malaria combined...

Pneumonia and Diarrhea: Child Killers

Posted at November 20, 2009 3:45 AM

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