November 19, 2009

Shots for AIDS

Despite recent controversy around the H1N1 flu vaccine, vaccines in general are bigger business than ever, with new ones reportedly in the works for many of the most common illnesses including shots for Alzheimer's and shots for AIDS!

Increased interest in and demand for vaccines are becoming a major boon to the drug industry, and funding new research into various diseases and health issues. Reports are also coming in that the next generation of vaccines are more likely to come in convenient forms like patches, pills or nasal sprays instead of the good old shot in the arm we're used to, or rather, never get used to.

There still remains distrust for these big pharma companies, and in some cases with good reason, but hopefully the profit-driven instinct and the push to improve everyone's health can go hand-in-hand instead of working against each other, as new vaccines including possible shots for AIDS make their way to the public.

Shots for AIDS
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The government's list of recommended vaccines for children since has more than doubled since 1985 to 17, with half-dozen vaccines for everyone over 18. The last decade brought breakthrough vaccines against pneumococcal disease and rotavirus -- two of the world's top killers -- meningitis, cervical cancer and more., like MRSA and C. difficile, even ending addiction to cocaine and nicotine. Success on some vaccines in development, particularly for Alzheimer's and AIDS, likely would bring billions a year in sales...

Shots for AIDS

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