November 12, 2009

Sugar Daddy Ken (PHOTO)

Parents are wondering Mattel was thinking, as the toy company prepares to offer kids a new version of their Ken doll, suggestively named "Sugar's Daddy Ken." And as many are sure to notice, this is suspiciously similar to "Sugar Daddy Ken." And in photos of the new doll, Ken certainly looks like a "sugar daddy" too.

As seen in the link here, Sugar's Daddy Ken is a new companion for Barbie in the latest "Malibu Beach" line of Barbie dolls, seemingly patterned after the hoity-toity Paris Hilton socialite world. And Sugar's Daddy Ken comes complete with one of those little dogs everyone like that always has, hence his name since the dog is named sugar. But it's easy to suspect Mattel set up that little wordplay on purpose, and really mean it as a reference to wealthy sugar daddies. Is this a bad message to give to kids who will want these new toys for a christmas present? That'll be for each parent to decide. Surely can't be any worse than the sugar daddies they'll meet in those Grand Theft Auto games.

Sugar Daddy Ken (PHOTO)

This year is Barbie's 50th anniversary, but lately, it's been the iconic doll's companion, Ken, that's been getting all the attention: A new Ken doll called "Sugar's Daddy Ken" is prompting snickers for its suggestive-sounding name...In fact, several Web sites refer to the doll, which is due to make its official debut next year, by a slightly different name -- "Sugar Daddy Ken."

Sugar Daddy Ken (PHOTO)

Posted at November 12, 2009 12:45 PM

As a parent It may not be a good Idea to create products with adult names. The Sugar daddy name of the toy may give kids the wrong impression. Now the question is will this toy sell? and what consumer target group will buy?

Posted by: Anonymous at December 22, 2009 7:28 PM

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