November 27, 2009

Too Fat To Graduate? (VIDEO)

As if college kids didn't have enough pressure already, seniors at one school now have a whole new reason to worry" being told they are too fat to graduate!

At Lincoln University these students were accountable to a mandatory "Fitness for Life" program that measured their BMI (body mass index) and aimed to teach them about fitness and healthy diet, and help with weight loss programs if their BMI was above 30. But some students failed to get their BMI below 30 before they were ready to graduate.

Not letting them get their degree sees excessive, but we need to keep innovating when it comes to helping our kids get healthy and fit, and overcome obesity. This program should be studied to see how it can be adapted to work better, perhaps, and help students without being to divisive.

Too Fat To Graduate? (VIDEO)

Lincoln University, the nation's first historically black college in Oxford, Pennsylvania, has decided that a handful of students won't be getting their diplomas this spring. ... This group of over two dozen African American students will not get to walk across the stage and shake hands in front of their proud parents because they're fat...

Too Fat To Graduate? (VIDEO)

Posted at November 27, 2009 5:54 AM

Good for the University. This should be a requirement for workplaces and all schools. We are in the midst of an epidemic that is costing the country many dollars.

Posted by: Barbara J Struble at November 27, 2009 1:45 PM

Barbara, your comment is just ignorant; you must be one of the lucky people who have never had to struggle to control their weight. Are you saying that fat people should not have the opportunity to get an education of earn a living?

To Lincoln University, my question is this, what if a student has a medical condition that stops them from losing weight? Is the school providing medical coverage and evaluations to these students? Kids do stupid and unhealthy things to lose weight and this just gives them another reason to be self destructive. Or, what about that young single mother that is working every day to put herself through school and has no time to exercise. I have seen numerous cases where students are barely making it through college and don't need this added pressure.

There should be some program to teach students to be healthy and fit but to stop them from graduating is just wrong. Losing weight is not like a test you can study for. It is not easy to do. Further, a persons weight is not an indication of the education they have recieved. I would be devastated if I worked through 4 years of school and paid 4 years of tuition and couldn't graduate because of my weight.

Posted by: Kayla at November 27, 2009 6:15 PM

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