November 23, 2009

Walmart "Black Friday" Family Gets $400,000

As all the big Black Friday sales come around again, one hopes we'll take a minute to remember the poor family who lost a loved one at Walmart's Black Friday last year.

Walmart offered the "Black Friday" Family $400,000, and put up over a million to change security measures, after Jdimytai Damour was trampled by bargain-hunting crowds while working security at the store. Some say Walmart still should have done more to prevent such an accident, but defenders argue there's nothing they could've done, and the store has made up for it. Either way, we should all take it as a reminder that spending money and hunting for bargains isn't really what this holiday season is all about.

Walmart "Black Friday" Family Gets $400,000
daily news

Wal-Mart agreed to implement new security plans and pay $1.2 million to avoid criminal prosecution in the trampling death of a Long Island security worker at a Black Friday sale. The retailing giant also set aside $400,000 to compensate the family of victim Jdimytai Damour, 34, and other injured victims..."

Walmart "Black Friday" Family Gets $400,000

Posted at November 23, 2009 4:59 AM

Wow the family got in on one of Wallmarts sales.Four hundred thousand for a life. Too sad

Posted by: darlene c at November 23, 2009 12:06 PM

$400,000.00 Thats all a human life is worth now days. Now if that was some doctor of somebody other than a security guard it would have been millions.

Posted by: Bulsheit at November 23, 2009 12:22 PM

There is a reason why Walmart is the world's richest company. Walmart places very little value on human life, and too much value on their profits and bottom line. This measly settlement proves the point. I wonder how much the Walmart executives lives are worth?

I hate the "Made in China" Walmart corporation, and it's ugly eyesore box stores with a passion. I don't shop at this dump.

Posted by: Jack Smythe at November 29, 2009 9:14 PM

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