November 9, 2009

World's Tallest Teen Brenden Adams (VIDEO)

Now that he has turned 13, America is talking about the world's tallest teen, Brenden Adams. As seen below, he was even on Oprah recently!

Brenden Adams is the newest addition to the Guinness Book of World Records after reaching a height over 7'4" at the age of 13. Brenden has an unusual condition of a 12th chromosomal split, that causes much more rapid growth than most young people have.

Doctors are using hormones to force an early start of puberty, hoping to slow down the world's tallest of teens' growth so he can be healthy. But in the meantime Brenden Adams says he's happy, and "person, just like everybody else."

I only have three words for the world's tallest teen: best of luck! Oh and also three other words: New York Knicks!

World's Tallest Teen Brenden Adams

A 13-year-old Washington State boy was recently named the World's Tallest Teen by the Guinness Book of World Records. Brenden Adams, of Ellensburg, Wash., is already 7 feet 4.6 inches tall, and still growing, according to a story on CNN. The teen's super-tall stature is all due to his 12th chromosome, which split in half.

World's Tallest Teen Brenden Adams

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