December 14, 2009

AIDS Virus Prevention Gel: Doesn't Work?

Bad news from the motherland: A gel microbricide being tested in Africa as a gel for prevention of the AIDS Virus seems to be failing its tests there, according to latest reports.

Medical experts say previous smaller studies of the gel, Pro 2000, showed it could reduce AIDS transmission by as much as 30 percent, but these larger trials by doctors out in the field are not bearing that out. Doctors were disheartened by the result but are committed to perservering towards new medicines that will combat AIDS, especially in these regions of Africa where it is doing such terrible damage.

AIDS Virus Prevention Gel: Doesn't Work?

U.S. drug firm Endo Pharmaceuticals' gel designed to prevent infection with the AIDS virus has proved ineffective in trials in Africa, Britain's Medical Research Council (MRC) said on Monday. A large international trial of vaginal microbicide Pro 2000 in more than 9,000 women in four African countries found no evidence that it reduces the risk of HIV infection...

AIDS Virus Prevention Gel: Doesn't Work?

Posted at December 14, 2009 2:49 PM

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