December 5, 2009

Air Force Tattoo Ban

If you have tattoos on your arm and you want to join the Air Force, you'd probably better join in the next thirty days, as they are offering a 30-day grace period before they enforce a stirct new tattoo ban.

A female recruit was recently rejected because of a smiling clown tattoo on her arm, but after some protest the Air Force has decided to let her tattoo slide, and at least for the moment reconsider their strict body art ban. With the long tradition of tattoos being associated with the military, it may be surprising that the Air Force would even have these rules, but it's just another example of how these the Armed Forces have to maintain tradition and discipline while also adjusting to new times.

Air Force Tattoo Ban

An Air Force recruiting spokeswoman told News10 the service will offer a 30-day grace period to recruits otherwise ineligible to join under a strict new tattoo policy. As News10 first reported Monday, the Air Force last week revised its tattoo policy to prohibit any body art on the "saluting arm," as well as tattoos above the collarbone that would be revealed by a shirt with no collars...

Air Force Tattoo Ban

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