December 20, 2009

Blackjack Robin Hood

Robin Hood 702 is a high-stakes Blackjack player who looks for struggling families having trouble surviving the recessionm, and he selects one family to help, and uses his prodigious Blackjack gambling skills to try and win them out of debt at the blackjack table.

This year he is flying one lucky (formerly unlucky) family out to LAs Vegas, and treating them to a lavish weekend while he works for them at the Blackjack table, and though he plans to win enoguh money to pay off all their bills, he promises to pay off half ther debt personally no matter what happens in his Blackjack games that weekend. In a sometimes sleazy world this is one gambler who shows a lot of class!

Blackjack Robin Hood

A man only known as "Robin Hood 702″, is out this holiday season to help a deserving family by playing Blackjack. Mr. 702, describes himself as a "self-made man and expert Blackjack player" and he helps a deserving family based on their video submission... the then flies them to Vegas and tries his best to win money from Blackjack that he will give to family and help them with their debt.

Blackjack Robin Hood

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