December 23, 2009

Brittany Murphy Fired From The Caller

Shotly before her tragic and untimely death, Brittany Murphy parted ways with the makers of an upcoming film named The Caller, in what would have been one of her last roles.

Murphy, whose movie career had stallled in recent years, was set to star in this independent feature, but reports were that she had been extremely difficult on the set, leading to the producers letting her go. Officially though, the break was chalked up to "creative differences." Murphy reportedly had to leave Puerto Rico, where The Caller was filming, very quickly at the time of rthe firing because her husband had come upon sudden health problems. Soon after this, Brittany Murphy herself was tragically lost to us, for reasons that are still a mystery.

Brittany Murphy Fired From The Caller
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Actress Brittany Murphy, who was seen in some popular films like Sin City and Just Married, has faced a difficult time in the recent days. Her husband Simon Monjack was hospitalized for health problems and she was also dropped from one of the films she had been working in. It has been alleged by the sources that Brittany Murphy is fired from the cast list of the film, 'The Caller', for which she had been shooting in Puerto Rico...

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Brittany Murphy Fired From The Caller

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Comments least use spellcheck or proffread before publishsing online or anywhere!! Shotly?? rthe??

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publishsing!! haha. loser!

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