December 23, 2009

Brittany Murphy, Shrinking Charlotte Movie

Britanny Murphy has died suddenly at the young age of 32, but the actress still had projects in the works at the time she passed, and one that we may sadly never get to see now was a new film named Shrinking Charlotte.

Murphy was starring in Shrinking Charlotte as the lead, in what would have been a romantic comedy. The director said as they prepared for shooting in January, Brittany seemed in good spirits and eager to work, but noticeably thin and frail..This sentiment was echoed by other directors who had worked with her recently, with her recent frailty being a recurring theme.

We may never know why Brittany Murphy died so soon and tragically, and will never get to see all the magic she could have made in future movies like Shrinking Charlotte, but she has still left behind a great body of work to be remembered by. Hopefully we will remember her more for the life she led full of artistic expression, and not the sad ending.

Brittany Murphy, Shrinking Charlotte Movie

Brittany Murphy was a hardworking actress who was juggling multiple movie projects in the months leading up to her unexpected death. omantic comedy "Shrinking Charlotte." Writer-director Rene Eram told E! News that Murphy was "impressive" and professional, but looked very thin. "I noticed that she had dropped a lot of weight in the last six months," he said...

Brittany Murphy, Shrinking Charlotte Movie

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