December 2, 2009

Chelsea Clinton Joins Hedge Fund

Chelsea Clinton is a Columbia University student nowadays, and getting ready to marry her longtime boyfriend who works in the financial world at a major firm. But her husband won't be the only one in the family with experience in the financial sector, as Chelsea's experience working at a hedge fund will give them something in common to talk about.

In 2006 Chelsea Clinton worked for a hedge fund named the Avenue Capital Group, a firm that specialized in trading in the debt of companies that have filed for bankruptcy. Which sounds kinda skeevy to me, the sort of work that "earns" money from moving money around without contributing anything to the world, but who am I to judge the inner workings of our capitalist system. For more info fro sources less jaded than I am, see below:

Chelsea Clinton Joins Hedge Fund

Chelsea Clinton has started working for Avenue Capital Group, a hedge fund that manages about $12 billion in assets...New York-based Avenue Capital specializes in trading in distressed debt, or debt of companies that are nearing or have filed for bankruptcy. Clinton, 26, had been working as a consultant for McKinsey & Co. since 2003, reportedly for a six-figure salary...

Chelsea Clinton Joins Hedge Fund

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