December 2, 2009

Chelsea Clinton Martha's Vineyard Wedding Rumors

The media has been salivating and panting over the story of Chelsea Clinton's engagement announcement, and they've gotten so excited about it they may get a little ahead of the facts as the compete for scoops on the details of the marriage and wedding plans.

One detail many news outlets picked up on,m including the Washington Post and NY Daily News, was the tidbit that Chelsea and her fiancee Marc were planning to get married in Martha's Vineyard. Ntot a surprising development given her family connection to the island, but as it turns out? Not true at all. Only a rumor that the news outlets ran with before they got it confirmed. So as this story develops, make sure to take any wedding details with a grain of salt!

Chelsea Clinton Martha's Vineyard Wedding Rumors

All summer, there have been whispers on the island that Chelsea and her boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky are getting hitched at the Chilmark home of actors Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen. It wasn't true three months ago, and it's not true now, says McKenna...

Chelsea Clinton Martha's Vineyard Wedding Rumors

Posted at December 2, 2009 5:16 AM

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