December 15, 2009

Coffee, Tea: Diabetes Fighters!

For those who are addicted to their coffee and tea each morning, and perhaps feeling guilty about the habit: some news that might help you sleep easier (if the drinks don't keep you awake). New studies suggest that both coffee and tea may help prevent the onset of diabetes!

Research done by medical experts in the field shows that the risk of diabetes drops substantially, and interestingly the effect is the same for decaffeinated coffee as or regular, and the same for tea though coffee is more effective. Data seems to suggest having 3 or 4 cups of coffee per day could have serious advantages for those at rick of diabetes. Time to buy that coffee grinder! As a coffee aficionado I highly recommend grinding your own whole beans, makes a big difference.

Coffee, Tea: Diabetes Fighters!
detroit free press

Drinking four cups of coffee or tea daily can reduce the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes by at least 25%, said a review of research published Monday...The researchers found that for each cup of coffee people drank, their risk of getting diabetes dropped by 7%...

Coffee, Tea: Diabetes Fighters!

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