December 12, 2009

Cruise Ship Jumper

In the latest news from the Why Would you Ever Do That In The First Place Dept., the Coast Guard was called in on Friday to rescue a cruise ship employee who apparently jumped overboard, and was around treading water in the middle of the ocean near Florida.

The man jumped ship from a Royal Caribbean cruise around 4 AM, for reasons that are yet to be determined. the cruise ship company says there were numerous witnesses to confirm the staff member did in fact jump. I always had the impression cruise ships must get boring after a while but this seems a little extreme. Especially when you're getting a trip to the Bahamas out of the deal. Maybe my travel agent can book me a nice deal now on the ship-jumper cruise, I'll take that open slot.

Cruise Ship Jumper

The U.S. Coast Guard has rescued a crew member who allegedly jumped from a Royal Caribbean ship early today as it was sailing into Miami. Coast Guard Petty Officer Barry Bena tells USA TODAY that one of the agency's response boats located 31-year-old Robert Mado treading water about five miles off the Florida coast...

Cruise Ship Jumper

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