December 1, 2009

David Boreanaz: Star Magazine Cheating Scoop?

The woman rumored to have had an affair with Tiger Woods has already been in the news before, thanks to ties with another celebrity. According to Star magazine, Rachel Uchitel allegedly had an encounter with married actor David Boreanaz, when the two met at the club where she works as a hostess.

The magazine offered lots of lurid details from their supposed affair, that I will not repeat here (if you're dying to know you can click the link below). but given that Star magazine is the source, who knows what to believe, or why we should even make the effort to decide. It certainly is an unfortunate coincidence for Uchitel that she is linked to Tiger Woods so soon after this gossip item on herself fand David Boreanaz, but perhaps she can parlay it into the 15 minutes of fame we are all due nowadays.

David Boreanaz: Star Magazine Cheating Scoop?

Star magazine claims that Bones star, David Boreanaz, has been stepping out on his wife of eight years, Jamie Bergman, with a brunette event planner named Rachel Uchitel. The twosome allegedly met at the club where Rachel works on the occasion of David's 40th birthday...

David Boreanaz: Star Magazine Cheating Scoop?

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