December 13, 2009

Dinosaurs: South America Secrets?

They say human life began in Africa, but now new studies show dinosaur life began in South America!

Paleontologists revealed this week the bones of a newly discovered ancestor of the T-Rex, standing only 6 feet tall and apparently older than any fossils previously discovered. It is believed to indicate that dinosaurs originated in that part of the world. Specifically it was found around the "Ghost Ranch" area nrear New Mexico that was once immortalized by Georgia O'Keefe.

Lou Dobbs responded to this news by demanding that the Museum be investigated by immigration authorities, and that all dinosaurs without proper papers be deported immediately.

Dinosaurs: South America Natives?

Discovery of a primitive precursor to Tyrannosaurus Rex, some 215 million years old, points to a South American origin for dinosaurs, paleontologists reported Thursday. In the journal Science, a team led by Sterling Nesbitt of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, unveils Tawa hallae, found in a fossil bone bed near New Mexico...

Dinosaurs: South America Natives?

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