December 17, 2009

Favorite Underdogs of All Time

The Gipper. Homer Simpson. Barack Obama. Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island. All proof that America loves an unerdog. But who are the favorite underdogs of all time?

A survey by a British paper listed singing star Susan Boyle as ab all time favorite underdog, and also cited Rocky Balboa, the Mighty Ducks, 1980 U.S.A. Men's Hockey Team, and the other British reality show singing sensation, Paul Potts (who I still like better than Susan Boyle, myself. not to start a fight or anything). Who are your favorite of history's underdogs?

Favorite Underdogs of All Time

It's been about a week since Susan Boyle became an overnight sensation, with the original clip of her performance on Britain's Got Talent now watched over 30 million times. Much has been made about the dowdy singer from West Lothian, Scotland, but she's not the only underdog to have garnered worldwide attention. Here are some of The Ampersand's favourite underdogs of all-time:..

Favorite Underdogs of All Time

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