December 4, 2009

Fort Hood Officer & Career: Over?

In a sad twist on the heroic story, one of the two officers who helped stop the Fort Hood killings now says her career will be cut short by the injuries she received that day, when she confronted Nidal Malik Hasan and survived being gunned down.

The prospects actually look good for her to make a full recovery, though it will take numerous surgeries for her to get back to full health. Her doctors tell her, though, that the new replacement kneee she is getting cannot withstand the workload that comes with being an officer.

But Kimberly Munley is reacting admirably to the prognosis, keeping her head up and already planning to continue her law enforcement career, probably through teaching and training young officers. Hats off once again to Officer Munley, as well as her partner, for a job well done.

Fort Hood Officer & Career: Over?
boston globe

One of two civilian police officers who brought down the Army psychiatrist accused of going on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood said her wounds from the attack will cut short her career as a street police officer...Sergeant Kimberly Munley said doctors have told her she needs a total knee replacement, a surgery set for January, but that her new knee is likely to wear out too soon on the job...

Fort Hood Officer & Career: Over?

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