December 20, 2009

Golden Ratio: Beauty Secret Formula?

Is there a secret formula for measuring beauty? For centuries, artists and scholars have used an equation called the Golden Ratio to measure the aesthetic purity of art ant nature. The golden ratio appears throughout nature in many organic forms, and constantly in works of art from painting to scuplture to photography and movies. And recently some experts have tried to make formulas for using the Golden Ratio as a measurement of human faces and ther beauty and perfection.

Is this really possible, or is beauty still a subjective concept no matter how you try to quantify it? Perhaps a mix of both, but the golden ratio has been around so long, it's hard to dismiss entirely.

Golden Ratio: Beauty Secret Formula?

During the European Renaissance, renowned artists and architects used an equation known as the "golden ratio" to map out their masterpieces. Thousands of years later, scientists adopted this mathematical formula to help explain why some people are considered beautiful...and others are not. Now the beauty world uses the golden ratio and 29 other measurements to study facial sex appeal. These measurements are calculated to determine a person's beauty on a scale of 1 to 10.,,

Golden Ratio: Beauty Secret Formula?

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