December 16, 2009

Group's Census Promo: Sacrilege!

A group's census promo is being called offensive in its depiction of Jesus, as part of their pitch for getting people to participate in the census.

According to the story of the Bible, Joseph and Mary were on their way to be counted in a Roman censes when they had to find shelter in the manger where Jesus was then born. The promo, produced by the The National Association of Latino Elected Officials, reminds readers that this is how Jesus was born as encouragement to participate in our upcoming census, which happens once every ten years. Critics say this is blasphemous and violates the separation of church and state, but defenders insist this is worthwhile to get as many people counted as possible, especially the latino communities targeted by the campaign.

Group's Census Promo: Sacrilege!
usa today

A push to spread the gospel about the 2010 Census this Christmas is stoking controversy with a campaign that links the government count to events surrounding the birth of Jesus. The National Association of Latino Elected Officials is leading the distribution to churches and clergy of thousands of posters that depict the arrival of Joseph and a pregnant Mary in Bethlehem more than 2,000 years ago...

Group's Census Promo: Sacrilege!

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