December 16, 2009

Holiday Shipping Deadlines Guide

If you want to get your holiday cards and gifts delivered on time, you may be close to the wire already. Is it too late for you? You can check one of the many holiday shipping deadline guides online and see if you still have a shot.

There are many sites that lay out the deadlines for your holiday shopping and gift giving, and each online merchant like Amazon and such will have a different deadline listed, but here are some general guidelines I've seen quoted around the web:

* DBMC Drop Ship: Dec 19
* Drop ship: Dec 23
* Express mail: Dec 23
* First class mail: Dec 21
* Parcel Post: Dec 16
* Priority mail: Dec 21

So basically, you better get moving! Or just email everyone some mp3s, can't go wrong with that.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines Guide
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We only have a few days left for Christmas; this means that holiday shipping deadlines are getting ever closer. How horrible would it be if you spent ages picking that perfect gift, only to find that you have missed the cut-off date? You had best do your homework to know when the last shipping dates will be...

Holiday Shipping Deadlines Guide

Posted at December 16, 2009 8:17 AM

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