December 2, 2009

Ian Klaus Book Dedication

Ian Klaus, the one-time boyfriend of Chelsea Clinton, wound up saying goodbye to the presidential daughter, but they ended on good enough terms that he dedicated his first book to her!

Klaus clearly remembered Chelsea fondly, because upon publishing his first book, "Elvis is Titanic", Klaus dedicated it "To my mother and Chelsea, for understanding." The book also got a ringing endorsement from Chelsea's dad, quite a lucky perk for a young first time author. But according to critics the book deserved accolades even without his Chelsea Clinton connections. See more about the book here:

ian Klaus Book Dedication

Few fledgling authors have received a ringing endorsement from a former president. Unlike Ian Klaus, they didn't date Chelsea Clinton. "In Elvis Is Titanic, Ian Klaus tells the extraordinary story of his time teaching in Iraqi Kurdistan," Bill Clinton says in an e-mail to USA TODAY...

ian Klaus Book Dedication

Posted at December 2, 2009 3:17 AM

News! Actual interesting, uplifting, the wonderful daughter two wonderful people raised (who are all human with human faults - allowable, maybe not in principle, but as human faults and mistakes as we all do one way or another). So not Tiger, Michael, Brad or other "nothing but, high paid celebrity people,who have "not" accomplished "anything" except high pay and celebrity. While the Clintons since high school have all three given back to their other humans no matter color, creed, nationality. Please give us more "uplifting, educational, and good" news. Keep the stuff responsible people think of as "crap" in the enquirer where it belongs and those with "those" values will enjoy it.....

Posted by: E March at December 4, 2009 2:41 PM

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