December 23, 2009

Kim Kardashian Chicken Salad Ad (VIDEO)

Carl's Jr, after scandalizing the world with their sexy Paris Hilton Jr. ads, is now upping the ante with a new sexy spot featuring Kim Kardashian relishing one of the restaurant's new salads.

The Paris Hilton spot showed a scantily clad Hilton chowing down on a burger, but Kardashian is a bit classier, in a sexy nightgown as she seductively bites into an Asian chicken salad, that she then takes with her to the hot tub. You can see the video for yourself, and see if it works up your appetite!

Kim Kardashian Chicken Salad Ad (VIDEO)
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Kim Kardashian takes the term "food porn" to a whole new level in her new Carl's Jr. ad. In the commercial for the burger chain's new Grilled Chicken Salad, the 29-year-old beauty lounges on a bed in a barely there silk robe and delicately picks at the salad with her fingers. "I was approached by Carl's Jr to become the spokesperson for their new Grilled Chicken Salads..."

Kim Kardashian Chicken Salad Ad (VIDEO)

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