December 18, 2009

King's Mistress: Drinkable Gold Killer?

We have many half baked health tonics and remedies on the market nowadays, but this is not a new phenomenon, and according to experts a famous 16th century mistress of King Henry II died from one of her eras most popular (and most ill advised) health drinks:liquid drinkable gold.

The drinkable gold was believed to preserve your youthfulness, and was consumed by many upper class women in her day. Versions of this tradiion have continued in more recent times, with some people still believing colloidal silver is good for you. The rapper RZA from the Wutang Clan has spoken of trying this at one point. For more info see below:

King's Mistress: Drinkable Gold?

In 16th century France, drinkable gold was the pomegranate juice of the day, believed to keep you young forever. But it may have killed a mistress to two kings. Experts examining the exhumed remains of Diane de Poitiers found deadly levels of gold in her hair. While drinking gold didn't live up to its promise, Diane had reasons to believe it was an elixir of youth. She was mistress to Henry II, who was 20 years her junior...

King's Mistress: Drinkable Gold?

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