December 23, 2009

Lady Gaga, Launch My Line Cameo

Lady Gaga has uicky become a fashion icon with her outlandish sense of style and personal charisma, and now she will make a further foray into the fashion world with a guest appearance on the reality show, "Launch My Line."

Bravo's hit reality show is returning soon for its second season, and an early episode in January will feature Lady Gaga, as part of a challenge where contests have to make a freaky "fashion forward" outfit in the tradition of Ladty Gaga's trademark crazy style. Expect to see lots of wild outfits on this one!

The show is made up of many teams that each have a fashion designer newcomer and a professional fashion veteran, who work together each week on a new project. Many take the show as a carbon copy of Project Runway, which used to appear on Bravo but has now left for greener pastures.

Lady Gaga Launch My Line

Lady GaGa, who often crosses the line in fashion, will make an appearance on Bravo TV's "Launch My Line" when the show returns next year. According to People, the remaining contestants will be asked to design a high fashion, "boundary-pushing" outfit that goes in accordance to GaGa's style. The GaGa episode will air on January 6 at 10/9c. Other than that, there is no other detail released...

Lady Gaga Launch My Line

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