December 21, 2009

Larry Stewart: Gave Away $1.3 Million

Larry Stewart, the cable tv and long-distance phone mogul who was known fondly as the Secret Santa, gave away over $1.3 million over his life, handing the money out to strangers every year in his own holiday tradition of giving.

Stewart died of cancer in 2007, after spending 27 years spreading kindness in every Christmas season, anonymously handing out money to strangers around town. He revealed his identity only at the end of his life. He was inspired by a man who helped him long ago when he was broke himself, and after getting rich he dedicated himself to paying it forward. A story we should all look to for inspiration!

Larry Stewart: Gave Away $1.3 Million usatoday

Larry Stewart, a millionaire who became known around the world as Secret Santa, gave away $1.3 million anonymously during his too-short lifetime and set an example of generosity that will be difficult to match, friends said Sunday. Stewart, a successful businessman from Lee's Summit, Mo., died Friday at age 58 from complications from esophageal cancer...

Larry Stewart Gave Away $1.3 Million

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