December 3, 2009

Massive Star & Explosion

Astronomers are studying a huge explosion in outer space, that they are calling evidence of a supernova, and one of the biggest stars ever seen.

According to scientists studying the astral phenomenon, this massive explosion is evidence of a star possibly 200 times bigger than our sun! The explosion of the supernova was approximately two years ago, they say, but it s still visible, said to be evidence of it's enormous scale...hopefully some nice photo and video footage is coming soon!

Massive Star & Explosion

Dr. Pastorello said "We knew the 2004 explosion could be a giant outburst of very massive star, and we know that only the most massive stars can produce this type of outburst. So the 2006 supernova must have been the death of the same star, possibly a star 50 to 100 times more massive than the Sun...

Massive Star & Explosion

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