December 12, 2009

Michael Jordan Look-alike Hoax (VIDEO)

The owner of a new Utah basketball team apparently decided local fans hadn't suffered enough losing to the real Michael Jordan, so he decided to torture them further by pulling a trick on them with a fake Michael Jordan?

THe owner of the Utah Flash started by dropping hints that Michael Jordan might appear at the team's home opener, to revisit his old feud with Bryon Russell in a little one-on-one game for charity. He then hired a Jordan lookalike to appear around town, starting "buzz" about a Jordan caneo at the game. And then had the impersonator come out onto the court at halftime!

Not surprisingly the fans, many of whom had bought tickets thinking they would see MJ, immediately started booing vociferously and even walking out. The owner has now apologized but it's hard to figure what he was thinking in the first place.

Michael Jordan Look-alike

seattle times

An NBA Development League team owner is apologizing for misleading fans who thought Michael Jordan would play in a charity game at the Utah Flash's home opener. Flash owner Brandt Andersen acknowledged sending a Jordan lookalike around town Monday, when supposed "Jordan" sightings and an Internet video of the impostor eating at a local restaurant created buzz that Jordan really was in town. More than 7,500 fans showed up hoping to see Jordan play 1-on-1 against former Utah Jazz guard Bryon Russell at halftime...

Michael Jordan Look-alike

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