December 11, 2009

Next Notre Dame Coach?

Now that the disastrous Charlie Weis era is finally being brought to a merciful close, the sports world is wondering who will be the next victim, err, volunteer to become a head coach at Notre Dame?

Word is this week that there will be an answer, as Brian Kelly is expected to be tapped for the Fighting Irish coaching slot. Kelly established a solid reputation by renovating the Cincinnati football house, and turning the lowly team into top contenders. Cincinnati, in fact is said to be shocked by losing Kelly, and not ready to replace him, but hopefully he'll be able to work the same magic at Notre Dame. they school gets so much press attention whether they are good or bad, we might as well see a good team along with all the hype.

Next Notre Dame Coach?
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Notre Dame has settled on Brian Kelly as the man who can restore its faded glory, just as he turned Cincinnati into a national title contender. He's leaving behind an undefeated and upset Cincinnati team that didn't seem prepared to lose him...but oh well...

Next Notre Dame Coach?

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