December 7, 2009

Polanski House Arrest: Oh The Suffering!

A thousand violins are playing for Roman Polanski, as he begins serving his house a palatial "chalet" in Switzerland. Boy I'll tell you, this guy just can't catch a break!

His house arrest may not last long though, as America and the Swiss continue to hash out the issue of his extradition, to finally face charges for his sexual violation of a minor decades ago. In the meantime he is not allowed to set foot outside of the house, but gets to spend his days surrounded by family in a more comfortable home than I'll probably ever have in my life. Polanski's attorneys are stil fighting the move to extradite him, while Los Angeles authorities continue pressing for him to be returned there so he can face his long overdue sentencing... hopefully this house arrest will be leading to somewhat different lodging, AKA "putting him under the jail."

Polanski House Arrest: Oh The Suffering!
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Roman Polanski's life took a dramatic turn for the better Friday as he traded a Swiss jail for house arrest surrounded by family in his luxury Alpine chalet. It's not clear how long this splendid captivity will last -- the threat of extradition to the United States and a possible prison term there still hang over the 76-year-old director...

Polanski House Arrest: Oh The Suffering!

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Hang the baby raper.

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