December 4, 2009

Putin to Run Again? (Why Bother?)

In the latest news from the department of redundancy dept: Vladimir Putin is hinting he will run for President again, even though according to many observers he really never stopped running the country anyway.

Putin stepped aside for Medvedev to take over last year, but many believe Medvedev is somewhat of a figurehead, and the fearsome Putin remains the real power in Russia. He didn't directly say he will run again, but when asked by a citizen at a public appearance he said "I'll think about it."

Say what you will about Putin, he sure does have an abundance of swagger. If the world domination thing doesn't work out he'd be a very convincing gangsta rapper.

Putin to Run Again? (Why Bother?)

Putin, the former president, current prime minister, and effective paramount leader, certainly did not act like a man in the twilight of his political career...Despite an economy weakened by the financial crisis, Putin remains popular, and were he to run for president again in 2012, he could conceivably serve another two terms, through early 2024, when he would be 71.

Putin to Run Again? (Why Bother?)

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