December 23, 2009

Simon Monjack Speaks, Finally

Simon Monjack, the mysterious and controversial husband of Brittany Murphy, has finally spoken out to the press about the tragic and shocking death of the 32 year old actress.

Monjack, who had married Murphy after they knew each other for only a few months, describes himself mainly as a filmmaker, and does in fact have two movies listed in his IMDB credits, "Factory Girl" and "Two Days, Nine Lives" two independent features that both focused on stories of drug abuse and addiction. Factory Girl, which starred Sienna Miller, was a well regarded and somewhat successful film, in fact.

After Brittany Murphy's death, Monjack was reported to have asked not to have an autopsy conducted, but authorities are going through with one nonetheless. Monjack said "my world was destroyed yesterday" when he found out about his wife's death, and said she had been sick and fatigued but there were no signs that anything so serious might happen.

Simon Monjack Speaks
wall street journal

Simon Monjack has been variously described as a photographer, a screenwriter, a director, a screenwriter-director and a producer but the moniker most attached to the 39 year-old British native, especially in the last few days, is Brittany Murphy's husband. In the wake of Murphy's death over the weekend, the couple's marriage has come under intense scrutiny...

Simon Monjack Speaks

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