December 9, 2009

Statistics: Women Cheat A Lot!

Who cheats more, men or women? Depends which study you believe, but some research says women actually cheat more than men.

One study, in England, found that 40% of women cheat, while the figure for men was further down at 34%. This study also found that women are much more likely to fantasize about a gay affair than men are, by a difference of 34% to 14%. (I'll assume the percentage of men who fantasize about women having gay affairs is somewhere in the range of 99.999998%)

But another study cited elsewhere online contradicts this, as according to a book named "The Monogamy Myth" women cheat at a rate of 40% but for men it is even higher at 60%! I hate to say it, but these numbers sound more accurate to me. Sorry to sell us out, guys. I think they already know, though.

Statistics: Women Cheat A Lot!
the sun

WOMEN are far more unfaithful than men, a survey reveals. Forty per cent of females cheat on lovers, compared with 34 per cent of males.... But females spend less time thinking about fun between the sheets. About half of women fantasie once or twice a day about love-making, but for men the figure is ten times....

Statistics: Women Cheat A Lot!

Posted at December 9, 2009 4:58 AM

Two things. Yeah it figures you would sell out. I was working in a well to do area and listening to women talk during lunch time and after work at the local spots women cheat more than men do. I have seen it more than a couple of times. They are better liars and can play the victim game way better than a man could. Women always act like the "Whoa is me" especially in the work place. Have you seen the news lately? By that I mean TV stations like ABC, NBC AND CBS. There are more women that are hosting these shows more than ever. Check out NBC's The Today Show for instance and see how many women are on that show. Now ABC in order to compete with Katie Couric on CBS Evening News will now have Diann Sawyer host ABC's "World News" Men better watch their backs, fronts and everything in between. And last I must be the 1 or 2 percent who does not fantasize about women having gay affairs.

Posted by: Richard at December 9, 2009 7:35 AM

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