December 3, 2009

Stem Cell Lines: The Future of Science

After years of speculation and controversy, embryonic research with stem cell lines is ready to begin. But is this Obama administration program the future of science and health, or the beginning of a new evil for mankind?

Some believe stell cell research is morally wrong, and others believe it will lead to sci-fi horror monsters like Cloverfield, but others hope it will bring scientific advancements in medicine, that will help extend our lives and treat any number of serious illnesses including diabetes, Parkinson's disease and paralysis. Personally I have faith this administration is taking the ethical and medical issues seriously, and insuring safe and proper research to benefit us in the future. hopefully this includes a cure for baldness that actually works..umm not that i care about this personally.

Stem Cell Lines: The Future of Science
seattle times

The Obama administration on Wednesday approved the first human embryonic stem cells for experiments by federally funded scientists under a new policy designed to expand government support for one of the most promising -- and contentious -- fields of biomedical research...guidelines finalized in July limited funding to lines created from excess fertility-clinic embryos as long as they were deemed to have been obtained ethically.

Stem Cell Lines: The Future of Science

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