December 23, 2009

T.I.: Prison-Halfway House Transition Time!

After serving well under a year of his high profile sentencing for Federal gun charges, T.I. is getting to get out of prison early and run out the rest of his time in a halfway house.

The rapper was at first expected to get much more than one year in prison, after his arrest on major federal charges for building a huge arsenal of illegal automatic weapons. but his lawyers were able to work out a deal where he spent a year doin very high profile community service work, followed by one year in prison if he finished up the service with no other incidents. Much of that initial work was documented in a documentary series for MTV, showing him working to mentor troubled youth.

Now he is getting to leave prison earlie than expected, and may soon be recording again. TI is a talented and bright young artist, and I hope he will take his lessons to heart and go down a new path form now on, both in his music and his life. Let this move from prison to halfway house be the last time he is in either one.

T.I. Prison Halfway House
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Rapper T.I. was granted an early Christmas wish on Tuesday when he was released from prison in Arkansas and allowed to transfer to a halfway house near his native Atlanta. The "Live Your Life" hitmaker, real name Clifford Harris, Jr., has been serving time on charges of weapons possession following his arrest in 2007. But T.I. will get to live out the remainder of his 366-day sentence in more comfortable surroundings after moving to an incarceration facility closer to his friends and family...

T.I. Prison Halfway House

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