December 1, 2009

Tiger Woods Pulls Out of Chevron Tournament

In the aftermath of his mysterious car crash last week and his avoidance of discussing it, Tiger Woods made the unexpected decision to pull out of this year;'s Chevron golf tournament.

This is a surprising move from Tiger Woods because this tournament is a pet project of his, in which he usually takes the lead in hosting, promoting and getting other top golfers to participate. So for Tiger to pull out of it suggests either his injuries from the car crash are still affecting him, or he remains committed to avoiding any questions about why the accident happened. Or maybe he just doesn't want to be around any more golf clubs for a while.

Either way, now that police have made clear no criminal charges are coming, I think it's time for us to let their business be their business. If Tiger and his wife were having some sort of fight, let's just root for them to work it out.. they have no obligation to explain it to us, and Tiger should not be scared off from hosting charity tournaments like the Chevron because of our tabloid obsessions.

Tiger Woods Pulls Out of Chevron Tournament

Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the Chevron World Challenge, a tournament he has hosted for the past nine years.The world number one said injuries sustained in a car accident on Friday morning have forced him to pull out...

Tiger Woods Pulls Out of Chevron Tournament

Posted at December 1, 2009 3:28 PM

I just don't understand this country, if you are a politican, Actor, or Sports Star, you don't have to live by the same law's they live by. If that was the common everyday joe, we would have the dam book thrown at us. So what that means, is that we don't have to answer any questions to the police if we get in the accident, I know I will not. EVER AGAIN!!!

Posted by: Jon at December 1, 2009 8:48 PM

why don't we have to live by the same laws that Sports Stars, actors and politicians, I sure will not answer any questions to any police officer again!!!

Posted by: Jon at December 1, 2009 8:51 PM

ok, he hit a tree at 2:30 in the morning. They don't claim he was drunk, so who cares? We've all been tired or distracted driving. Luckily he only hit a tree, so no harm done. Let him get off with a warning and get over it. A non-celebrity wouldn't have even made the evening news that there was an accident.

Posted by: bdb at December 1, 2009 11:27 PM

I think the Tiger should be left alone as he did tell police his side of story but ever one else wants more. Let him get on with his life a minor Accident Happens every day,If you had media coverage on every Accident that Happen there would be no world news.

Posted by: James Bond at December 2, 2009 11:43 AM

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