December 11, 2009

Times Square Shootout!

A surprising an scary scene was found by the hordes of tourists and shoppers hitting Times Square today, as a shootout erupted in the middle of the day, in front of Times Square's famous Marriott Marquis hotel!

The criminal, reportedly a panhandler (although the description of him as selling CDs sounds more like one of those kids who sells his amateur rap recorcd in the street around there), was running from the cops and is said to have pulled out a Tec 9 to attempt to shoot the officers that were on his trail. The cops then opened fire and the suspect died at the scene, in front of many witnesses including a taxi driver who posted on twitter right as it was happening, around 11AM.

A tragic story but one has to hope that the cops did the right thing, and had no other choice. Thank goodness no bystanders were injured.

Times Square Shootout

Raymond Martinez was running a common scam on the throngs of holiday tourists in Times Square, pushing shoppers to buy his CDs, police said. But Martinez was no ordinary peddler, they said: He was carrying a loaded pistol and had a handful of business cards from gun dealers in his pockets. The 25-year-old was shot to death by a plainclothes police sergeant Thursday after trading....

Times Square Shootout

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