December 14, 2009

Toby Keith: War Is Good For Peace

War. What is it good for? All sorrts of things, according to Toby Keith. Before his inexplicable appearance at this year's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, Toby spoke in defense of war, just as Obama spoke at more length about why he felt war was sometimes necessary even as her accepted the award for peace. When asked why a country singer often associated with writing pro war anthems was invited to a peace event, US authorities explained that the rapper C-Murder was unavailable. Seriously though I have no preoblem with Toby Keith being there, if you really listen to his music he has a variety of messages.

Toby Keith: War Is Good For Peace

American country singer Toby Keith says he won't apologize for supporting U.S. war efforts just hours before performing at the annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Keith says he supports American troops who "fight evil" abroad and that he stands by President Barack Obama's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. Obama is this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Toby Keith: War Is Good For Peace

Posted at December 14, 2009 6:18 AM

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