December 14, 2009

Toyota Plug-In Hybrid: A Winner!

One of the most exciting new cars due to be released next year is Toyota's new plug-in hybrid, due to hit car dealerships for 2011.

Toyota is already known for their popular hybrid cars like the Prius, and are moving to put hybrid technology in all their new models, but this would be their first attempt at the even lower emission plug-in power version of a hybrid automobile. Toyota needed to step it up so they could compete with the Chevrolet Volt plug-in and other brands stepping into the hybrid game. This plugin Prius would use a similar lithium-ion battery to those used by other auto manufacturers.

Toyota Plug-In Hybrid

Toyota Motor said Monday that it planned a widespread release of its plug-in hybrid car in 2011 as the company scrambled to gain the upper hand in an increasingly crowded battle over next-generation "green" technology...Toyota, the world's largest automaker, dominates the current generation of gas-electric hybrid vehicles, but it has refrained from rushing lower-emission cars like the plug-in hybrid to market....

Toyota Plug-In Hybrid

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