December 1, 2009

Whitney Houston I Look to You Review (VIDEO)

Whitney Houston's long awaited comeback album I Look to You is finally upon us, and reviews are here to tell us whether she's still got it.

Whitney has been through years of well documented struggle, with drug addiction, family turmoil and mental instability, but she seems to have worked relaly hard on beating her demons and regaining her confidence. Regaining her vocal chops seems to be hardest of all though, as recent comeback performances showed off a voice much shakier than fans remember.

And reviews of "I Look To You" suggest Whitney Houston may have relied on her producers to disguise the weakened voice, on the many lushly produced ballads and dance tracks, that also show less vocal range in the melody. There are said to be many playable songs though, including the popualr first single "Million Dollar Bill." So, with everyone rooting for her to make it back to the top, here's hoping Whitney will get the support she needs, good reviews or not!

Whitney Houston I Look to You Review
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What's hard to give up is the dream of painless perfection that the young Houston represented, back in the yuppie era, when her voice sounded like the easy money that was flowing everywhere. Of course, that didn't turn out so well for anyone else, either. Though "I Look to You" doesn't soar like the old days, it's fine to hear Houston working on her own recovery plan...

Whitney Houston I Look to You Review

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