January 24, 2010

Child Prodigy Gregory Smith (PHOTO)

One of the most famous child geniuses of recent years was the amazing child prodigy Gregory Smith, who was such a super-genius he actually graduated from college, with a master's degree, at age 16. He was far ahead of the curve even when he was only one year old, already memorizing entire books, and he has never slowed down a bit since then.

He continues studying for four doctorates -- in math, aerospace engineering, international relations and biomedical research. He also works worldwide as an activist and advocate for peace and justice, using his fame as a child genius to try and do some good for the world, with majot organizations he has founded including the IYA. An admirable impulse, in this age when many parents would just try and parlay his gifts into a new reality show. Here's hoping Gregory Smith continues on this path to doing great things, and will one day be remembered as much more than just a former child prodigy. For more on Gregory, and a photo of the genius at work, see the link below.

Child Prodigy Gregory Smith

When Gregory R. Smith of Keswick, Va., graduates at age 16, he will be the youngest person ever to receive a master's degree from the University of Virginia. A child prodigy whose IQ reportedly tests "off the bell curve," Smith was memorizing and reciting books at 14 months, adding numbers at 18 months and taking in the information presented to him by his parents and earliest teachers like a super computer. It only took him one year, for example, to advance from second to eighth grade...

Child Prodigy Gregory Smith

Posted at January 24, 2010 6:16 PM